The Future of DegenStake

Hi Friends!

This last month we’ve seen a lot of bnb staking sites that advertise magical gains, but often only deliver for the whales that get there first. We want to change that. We’ve incentivized long-term plans with interest rates that are higher than the short term plans. We’ve included auto-compounding vaults to help you maximize your gains. We cut back on the referral system to mitigate the drainage by self-referring schemes. Most importantly, to show you that we’re dedicated to you, we’re reinvesting 10% of the project fee back into the contract for every 100 BNB milestone!

We love the hype and the potential for everyone to get rich off these staking sights, but so many of them are shady, confusing, and sometimes actual scams to steal everyone’s money. So, we’re committed to keeping things simple and open. Our fees and what they’re used for is the first thing listed on the website. Plus, it’s easy to understand. Some projects now are doing things like, “only withdraw 25% of your 25% and reinvest 25%…” and all this other fancy math to say they are protecting people’s investments, but nobody really understands what happening. Then, they don’t tell you the secret that every time you withdraw or do something, they are taking another cut of your profits. So again, our goal will always be honesty and simplicity (as much as possible, sometimes you just gotta do math, but we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.) Some of you may wonder why we don’t have an audit done if we want to be completely honest, and that’s understandable. The reasoning is that our code is public, and you can check it out yourself. It’s essentially a fork of BNBStake, and has audited this same code a ton of times. Feel free to look at our code, compare it to their audits, and let us know if you see anything weird! As our project develops and gets bigger, we may purchase audits for the new code. At that point, it’s not just to make you feel safe, it’s to help us make sure we’re not screwing things up.

So What’s Next?

Now that the project has launched, we have completed our launch phase and are now developing the next phase. The goal of BNB staking sites is to keep the investments coming in to keep the profits generating, but how can you do that with something that is basically just taking profits from one person’s wallet and putting it in someone else’s? We’ve got ideas. First, we want to create staking with tokens other than just BNB. It’s not been decided yet, but we’re thinking of setting up Cake staking first, then move on to other tokens. If there is a project token you’d love to see staking with, let us know! The way the new token staking helps us is that part of the fees will be sent to the BNB stake contract to keep pumping profits into the BNB investors. We also hope that partnering with some of the smaller projects will help give them exposure and more utility for their token!

Of course, this doesn’t solve all the issues, so we’re also planning to create our own token that can be provided as a reward for staking. We’re still working on the details of this, but we want the token to provide utility as well so that it won’t be just another shitcoin.

We want to do all this for you, and we genuinely want you to succeed and find financial freedom. (or get even richer if you’ve already got that, whatever)

-DegenStake Team

We’re a BNB staking platform dedicated to your success!